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Junglytics Assistant: Use Cases & Advanced Prompts
Junglytics Assistant: Use Cases & Advanced Prompts

How to get the most out of your AI-powered Junglytics Assistant

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Junglytics Assistant: Common Use Cases

Junglytics Assistant is a virtual aide for Amazon sellers, providing metric analysis, insightful data visualization, and strategic decision-making support to grow your Amazon business.

Junglytics Assistant can:

  • Share updates on your Amazon business metric

  • Engage in discussions to reveal insights and tackle complex data questions

  • Share selling tips and Amazon best practices

  • And offer advice and guidance on the next steps to take

If you don’t know what to ask your Assistant, you can simply ask: “What types of things can you help me with? Include example prompts.”

Here are some of the most common prompts for Junglytics Assistant. You can always ask for additional information, advice, or clarification. Similarly, you can ask for the information in alternative formats, such as chart vs. table or a short executive summary at any time.

Amazon metric updates

  • Provide a detailed summary of my business last month

  • How profitable are each of my products in Germany?

  • How is my advertising performing for each of my product lines?

  • Highlight a few notable changes in my business last week

  • What was the ad performance like for my top-selling product over the past 30 days?

  • Analyze how my advertising performance changed from last week to the previous week. I prefer tables over charts.

Ask about specifics

  • I updated the main image on my listing on April 1st, did it help?

  • I ran a promotion for my fleece sweatpants from May 5th to May 19th. What are some notable trends?

  • I increased the price of my cotton T-shirts on April 30th. Did it affect conversions or units sold? How did it affect profits?


  • Which products are hurting my profitability? How might I improve their performance?

  • How can I increase the return on my advertising spend in December?

  • My listing page underperforms. How can I improve?

Ask for clarification or alternative formats

  • Explain what that metric means.

  • What’s the difference between TACOS and ROAS?

  • Can you rewrite that as an executive summary in under 250 words?

  • Do it again. But as a line graph.

Amazon seller FAQs

  • How can I improve my seller feedback rating?

  • How can I avoid account suspension?

  • What are the Amazon image dimension recommendations?

Advanced Use Cases for Junglytics Assistant

When it comes to Conversational Analytics, you get out of it what you put into it. In other words, you’ll get generic answers if you ask generic questions. To get more value from your Junglytics Assistant, engage the AI in real conversations.

If Junglytics Assistant's answer is too long, you can ask the AI to summarize its answer for easier reading. You can also ask the Assistant to present this information in another format such as a graph, chart, table, or executive summary.

Here are a few advanced use case examples:

  1. Creating a replenishment plan

  2. Creating an executive summary regarding advertising performance

  3. Thinking through hypothetical opportunities

Replenishment plan

One interesting use case is a replenishment plan. A replenishment plan for Amazon selling outlines how much inventory you need to reorder and when to reorder it to avoid stockouts.

Ask: “I need help building a replenishment plan for my top-selling product. Let’s go step by step.”

NOTE: You may notice the Assistant responds with a step-by-step guide, followed by the lines, “Let's begin with the first step. Feel free to prompt me with the example provided or with your actual data if you have it ready.” Know that the Assistant has access to this data already. But needs to be prompted through each step.

Follow the provided prompts, adding context where you see fit (e.g. lead time). Once every step is completed, the Assistant will provide you with a replenishment plan.

Executive summary of advertising performance

Junglytics Assistant can quickly and accurately provide executive summaries for specific products in a defined region.

Prompts to get there:

  1. Give me an executive summary of how my advertising has changed last week vs the previous week.

  2. Can you do the same analysis for only sweatpants in the United States?

  3. Great, please include the metric numbers for each week in your analysis. Can you also include a week-over-week change for how things changed week to week in a % change format?

  4. Great, please format this as an executive summary, include the most important numbers, and make sure it's less than 500 words.

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